About Board Game Boss

What is Board Game Boss?

Board Game Boss at its core was founded to create products dedicated to streamlining and improving your tabletop gaming experiences. We know that organization can take many forms depending on your style of gaming, which is why we offer a variety of solutions for (almost) all your needs. Board Game Boss products are 3D printed upon ordering, which gives us an unparalleled ability to customize and modify to whatever solution your play style may require.

Board Game Organizer

Become your own Board Game Boss and play games the way you want.

In our shop, you'll find our 3D printed options as well as a few other items:

If you can dream it, we want to help you make it! 

Who is behind Board Game Boss?

Derek Konyshak is the heart and soul behind Board Game Boss. Currently a one-man team, he is personally the one responsible for shipping out your orders, responding to your inquiries, creating social media content, and writing this super rad 'About Us' page. He is THE Board Game boss!

At heart, Derek is a creator. He channels his creative juices into everything he does. And man, do those juices get everywhere.

Derek founded Board Game Boss out of necessity. Faced with a tiny apartment and a love of sprawling board games, he had to find a way to conserve his precious tablespace. He knew he wasn't the only gamer facing this problem, so he decided to bring his solutions to the world. In 2016, he designed his first product, the Board Game Manager.

Derek KonyshakFrom 2016 to 2022, while teaching middle school Social Studies full-time, Derek used his free time to slowly but surely build Board Game Boss' catalog. In June of 2022, he stepped away from teaching to pursue Board Game Boss as his primary focus.

His dream is to become a successful board game designer. With one of his best friend's from college, he's currently in the process of designing two games which he is excited to share with the world!

Derek's other passions/victims of his creative juices include:

  • Vocalist/guitarist for All That Band, based in his hometown of Louisville, KY (Book us for your local events!)
  • Dance instructor for Bourbon Tango
  • Weekly DnD games with the ForeverDMs
  • Partnering with Rollacrit for conventions, shows, and 3D printing projects  

How can I support Board Game Boss?

Well, you've made it to the website and exposed yourself to Derek's creative juices, so you're pretty much doomed to support him at this point. To help you with that massive burden, we've prepared a list of several ways to contribute: 

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